SoundMagic E11BT Review: Best Wireless Earbuds Reddit

Sound Magic E11BT has cut the cord on its popular E11 series of in-Best Wireless Earbuds Reddit to bring us the new E11BT, and they’re some of the best affordable headphones out there. In fact, we would like to say that these are the best headphones for people on a budget. With a similar look and feel to its predecessors, the E11BT connects to your device via Bluetooth and is attached with a durable neckband.

They’re available to buy for £69.99 (around $90 / AU$125) however, right now it looks like they’re only available to buy in Europe, with no word on when you’ll be able to buy them in other regions.

SoundMagic E11BT: Design

Design-wise, the SoundMagic E11bt Review  look like the wired E11C, with one key difference; The buds now attach to a neck strap and connect wirelessly to your device. The neckband feels very sturdy, and with the flat design, it feels comfortable against your neck.

Coming in a black design, they look ‘sportier’ than the best earbuds with mic  and boast an IPX4 waterproof rating – meaning they’ll survive minor splashes and sweaty exercise sessions, but you should not be taken in the shower at all. You after your run.

Like the other earbuds in the E11 best gaming earbuds reddit series, the bullet-shaped earbuds themselves are extremely small, lightweight, and sleek looking, with an aluminum housing that features the SoundMagic logo and model number on the left and right buds respectively.

A nice feature of the E11BT wireless earphones is that the two earbuds connect magnetically, so you can keep them securely around your neck when not in use.

About two inches below the left earbud, you’ll find the inline remote, which includes volume buttons and a ‘multifunction’ button. The multi-function button can be used to control your music, pair the headphones with your device, and answer phone calls.

There’s also a micro-USB on the side of the inline remote for charging the E11BTs best earbuds reddit- SoundMagic includes a USB cable in the box. While charging, a small LED on the inline remote will flash a reading, and when the earphones are fully charged, the red light goes out and is replaced by a blue light.

Overall, the E11BTs haven’t compromised the elegant design of previous models in the series while cutting the cord. They look very attractive and retain the compact housing design that SoundMagic is known for.

SoundMagic E11BT: Sound Quality

After an overnight run in the E11BTs, we played Idlewild’s Tell Me Ten Words through Tidal, and it delivered a clear, perfectly balanced sound that we could comfortably listen to for as long as the E11BT’s generous battery life. Are

That familiar Sound Magic sonic character immediately sets off a solid first impression of being listenable, an impression that is sustained by the jangly acoustic opener and the vocals juxtaposed with a dynamic drumbeat. They have the weight, space, and detail to keep each part of the composition intelligible to each other’s. There’s enough animation about them to make sure they don’t look lifeless either. So far, so good.

They certainly agree sonically – there’s no thinness or random thickness, harsh treble or baggy, overstated bass – but the E11BTs don’t engage as well as we believe they should. Rhythmically, there’s a lack of harmony between the overlapping vocal lines, and when it comes to dynamics, the E11BTs are quite stagnant.

We switch to Lindsey Stirling’s Crystallize, and the E11BTs fail to ease massively with the track’s powerful violinist rise and fall. Of course, we don’t expect on-the-money metrics from £70 Bluetooth buds, but it’s not unfair to ask for a bit more headphones at this price.

SoundMagic E11BT: Performance

In general, the audio quality provided by the E11Bts is very good, with an impressive amount of sound power for such small earbuds.

The sound on Fleet Foxes ‘Blue Ridge Mountains’ sounds clean and smooth, thanks to their custom-tuned drivers – as dynamic drivers they also deliver massive amounts of bass, thanks to the relatively large amount of air they vibrate. If they are, they move. We tried them on Kanye West’s ‘Flashing Lights,’ and we were impressed by the thumping bass and obscure synth strings.

Treble frequencies are sharp and crystal clear, with a good level of attack – they can be a bit harsh at times, so if you’re looking for a warmer soundstage, you might want to try the truly wireless Earin M-2s., which has the same size buds but features a balanced armature driver instead of dynamic drivers.

It’s important to make sure you’re using the right size ear tips when using the E11BTs, as a good fit amplifies the sound tenfold, as well as improves sound isolation – those three. They come with different ear tips, so you should be able to find a good fit through a little trial and error.

Sound isolation is pretty good for in-ear headphones. If your music is pumping, you’ll be pretty much immune to annoying ambient sounds. We also tried listening to podcasts using the E11BTs, and while sound isolation was less pronounced when listening to dialogue, the noise of a loud train was reduced enough that we could hear speech. can hear clearly.

Using the inline remote to control playback worked well, and we didn’t experience any connectivity issues when using the E11BTs In fact, pairing with your smartphone was a breeze.

If you’re thinking about buying these earbuds to use while exercising or running, you may be concerned about how secure they feel. Generally, they fit in your ear easily, but if you’re worried about the buds falling off mid-run, you can get wings that fit in your earcups for extra stability. Can try a pair with

Overall, the E11BTs are very warm to wear, even for long periods of time. SoundMagic claims that these headphones can handle up to 20 hours of continuous playback. While it’s probably not at full volume, we turned them on for about five hours straight and found the battery barely drained.

SoundMagic E11BT: Verdict

Overall, the SoundMagic E11BTs are highly recommended for their generous battery, practical design, and clear, even-handed sound.

Like the E10BTs, they don’t offer the healthiest sonic package for their price, unlike their wired siblings. But if you’re after a workout-friendly pair of wireless in-ears under £100, there aren’t any similarly priced Bluetooth buds that do a better job than these SoundMagics.

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