A completely iPhone-free Apple Watch experience isn’t a question of if, but when. With its thin bezels and large display, the Apple Watch Series 7 box becomes the most usable standalone smartwatch ever.

Although it has been replaced by the Apple Watch Series 8, Apple’s 7th-gen smartwatch was mostly an incremental upgrade from the Apple Watch 6, which retains 18 hours of battery life, the same CPU, and has a health tracker. No new features have been added. But the enlarged display was a game-changer and makes it hard to go back to previous-generation models. Series 7’s large screen embraces wearable computing for more everyday applications, making it practical to be productive from your wrist.

From a full QWERTY keyboard and large calculator buttons to always-on mode and exclusive watch faces, the Apple Watch 7 offers a compatible version of watch OS 8, though it’s now also watch OS 9-eligible. Faster charging, more durability, and contemporary case colors are almost afterthoughts, but welcome, nonetheless.

Apple Watch Series 7 Box: Price

The Apple Watch 7 debuted on September 14, 2021, with an October 15 on-sale date. It arrived in the usual small and large sizes, though it has been extended to 41mm and 45mm.

At launch, the Apple Watch 7 started at $399/£369/AU$599 for the 41mm version and rose to $429/£399/AU$649 for the 45mm model.

If you want the cellular version, the 41mm version costs $499 / £469 / AU$749, and the 45mm model costs $529 / £499 / AU$799 (plus the cost of an additional data plan).

There’s also the Apple Watch Nike Edition and Hermès variants of the Series 7 to consider, with prices increasing quite dramatically.

The Watch 7 launched in five new aluminum finishes Midnight (Black), Starlight (Grey), Green, Blue, and (Product) Red. There were three new Nike Sport Loop colors as well as new Apple Watch Hermès bands.

Apple Watch Series 7 Box: Design

The Apple Watch 7 marks the first true product redesign since the Apple Watch 4. Given that it’s not a huge change—the iconic curved bezel is strong—but it’s clear that Apple wanted a softer overall aesthetic for its smartwatch.

First, the corners are ever-so-slightly rounded, while the display sinks into the chassis more seamlessly than on the Series 6. I probably wouldn’t have noticed these adjustments if I wasn’t comparing the Apple Watch 7 vs Apple. Although, see 6 side by side. And even with Apple Watch 7 sizes (41mm and 45mm), the smartwatch doesn’t look that big to the naked eye. Does anyone have a micrometer?

You can best tell the Series 7 and Series 6 by the Apple Watch 7 colors, which are all new. I am testing the green model. Midnight is kind of dark, with a subtle hint of blue. Starlight is a wonderful combination of silver and gold. While Apple offered Blue and Red last year, they are now slightly brighter. If you want a more neutral metal, you’ll need to buy a stainless steel or titanium version. It doesn’t bother me, but you have the right to be particular about what you wear every day.

The Apple Watch 7 has the same swim proof rating (up to 50 meters) as previous models, but for the first time has also received IP6X certification for dust resistance. I’m hoping it pays off in the kitchen, because I recently took up pasta making, and the flour gets everywhere. The changed geometries should also make the latest Apple Watch more crack-resistant, making it a bit safer to wear while playing sports.

Apple Watch Series 7 Box: Display

The display is big, and bigger is better. With more screens, the smartwatch is morphing more into a smaller iPhone for your wrist, and that’s great. The Apple Watch 7 display is about 20% larger than the Series 6 display, and 50% larger than the Series 3 display. Display borders are also 40% thinner than before.

The screen is curved in a way that makes the clock easy to read from an off-angle and the edges of the UI are visible from one side. The insert effect isn’t as obvious as the promo videos show, but it’s noticeable with the new Contour watch face.

In addition to smaller bezels and a larger screen, the Apple Watch 7 is 70% brighter in Always-On mode. That means you won’t notice the difference with the face awake in direct sunlight as we did with the Apple Watch 6 vs. the Apple Watch 5. Instead, you should be able to see your screen more easily when your wrist isn’t up. I noticed a big difference with the Series 6 as well.


The Apple Watch Series 7 is centered around fitness: whether it’s the simple Move rings that encourage you to be active, the increased number of workouts that can be tracked, or the added cycling features, It’s clear that Apple is trying. To make the Watch 7 more attractive to exercisers it has additional cycling features.

It’s still hard to recommend the Apple Watch if you’re someone who really enjoys running, cycling, swimming, or the like. Regular readers will know that we always review the Apple Watch with a good run, and we’ve been waiting years for Apple to add some of the basics like interval sessions, heart rate alerts, and the like. Are

In effect, you’re getting a basic GPS device that tells you how much you’ve run, for how long, your heart rate, and… well, that’s mostly it. GPS accuracy seemed generally fine when benchmarked against the top-of-the-line Garmin Forerunner 945, which was within 0.03 miles over about eight miles.

The Watch 7 comes with a wealth of GPS sensors on it: GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, QZSS, and Baidoo, basically being able to see all the major satellites in the sky to get a quick lock and when you can read well at that time. Moving around, it stands shoulder to shoulder-with many other high-end running watches.

Similarly, heart rate monitor readings were nearly identical to those we tested against with the chest strap, rising and falling within seconds of the strap as we alternated between light trots and hard hill sessions or sprints. The gears were changed.

However, this accuracy was only achieved when we pushed the Watch 7 further up the arm toward the elbow, which has been shown to provide better accuracy than a heart rate monitor. This is fine if you have a Velcro sport band (although it will still slide forward or twist), but if you have a rubber band, it will start to slip faster.

Wearing the Watch 7 in the standard place for a watch didn’t always yield accurate heart rate results — it sometimes gave sensible numbers, but other times there was no good reason to read when our effort didn’t add up.

It’s hypnotic, and we found it to be a state of mind that has definitely helped us try to stay calm in this modern world. Pair it with one of the Fitness Plus workouts, which include a guided walk or meditation to help you feel calmer during the day, and the Watch 7 is still one of the best wellness devices we’ve used. is one of

The overhauled Mindfulness app is really a reason to buy an Apple Watch – not necessarily the Watch 7, as these features are available on an Apple Watch running WatchOS 8 or later, but still.

We’ve yet to try a fitness watch that matches the pleasant vibrations that tickle your wrist and tell you to breathe in and out.

One final thing in the health department was sleep tracking appearing on the Apple Watch 6, and we had high hopes that apple watch series 7 gold was going to do something good with it.

At the time of testing, running WatchOS 8, there was still only a note each morning telling you about the weather, and battery life, but nothing about your sleep quality. Whether you had dreams or light sleep, or you recovered quite a bit through deep sleep.

Apple Watch Series 7 Box: Battery Life

The Apple Watch Series 7’s battery life can last up to two days, but if you stick to the popular features. Instead, the 18-hour battery life checks out with daily activity tracking, and always-on display and answering a few phone calls from my wrist.

Now, the Apple Watch 7 claims to charge 33 percent faster than the Apple Watch 6, as long as it’s charged with the new magnetic-to-USB-C charger that comes in the box. (It doesn’t come with a wall adapter, though.) But when I charged the Apple Watch 6 with a USB-C cord, it charged nearly as fast.

As someone who charges my Apple Watch briefly throughout the day, I spend less energy worrying about whether I have enough juice to go on an outing or make it through the night. . Charging eight minutes before bed will give me eight hours of Apple Watch Series 7  sleep tracking. Guess I don’t need that $10 verizon Apple Watch Series 7 accessory to further extend battery life.


We saw it happen with smartphones. Bezels shrunk and displayed grew until they were compatible with the larger phones and phablets we have. With its large screen, I can’t help but believe that the apple watch series 7 att is destined to take a similar path to freedom. A smartwatch is already an extension of your iPhone on your wrist, but it’s clearly capable of becoming more than an accessory.

It’s the top nike apple watch series 7 choice for anyone with an iPhone, and the best Series 7 Apple Watch. A keyboard makes a difference, and if there was ever a time to fully recommend adding cellular support to your smartwatch, it’s now.

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