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Get Who Gets You”: Unearthing the Dating Site Mystery in Crosswords

Crossword puzzles often throw curveballs, leaving us scratching our heads and muttering, “What in the world does that clue mean?” One such head-scratcher that has popped up in recent times is “Get Who Gets You dating site.” Is it a real platform? A witty inside joke? Or just a cleverly disguised anagram?

Let’s delve into the mystery and “Get Who Gets You” a little better.

Is “Get Who Gets You” a Real Dating Site?

No, “Get Who Gets You” is not a real dating site. The clue plays on the idea of compatibility and understanding, using the verb “get” (meaning to understand) and the pronoun “you” to suggest a personalized matchmaking experience. It’s a clever way to describe a dating platform that focuses on connecting people based on shared interests and values.

Where Has This Clue Appeared?

Though not widespread, “Get Who Gets You” has been spotted in several crosswords published by major newspapers like the LA Times and New York Times. Its appearance suggests that crossword creators are increasingly incorporating pop culture references and modern dating lingo into their puzzles.

get who gets you

Decoding the Crossword Magic:

So, how do you crack this clue? Here are some approaches:

Think Compatibility: Keywords like “who gets you” and “dating site” point towards a platform that aims to match people based on compatibility.

Wordplay and Anagrams: Don’t rule out wordplay. Some solvers have theorized that “Get Who Gets You” might be an anagram for another dating site name or a slogan related to compatibility.

Look for Cross-References: Check other clues in the puzzle for hints. Is there a theme related to dating, technology, or wordplay? This could offer context for interpreting “Get Who Gets You.”

Beyond the Crossword:

The “Get Who Gets You” clue, even if fictional, offers a glimpse into the evolving landscape of modern dating. It highlights the growing focus on compatibility and personalized matchmaking in the digital age. Perhaps, it even serves as a subtle reminder that in the world of love, finding someone who truly “gets you” is the ultimate prize, whether through a dating site or chance encounter.

So, the next time you encounter “Get Who Gets You” in a crossword, remember: it’s not just a clue, it’s a playful riddle about the ever-fascinating world of love and connection.

And who knows, maybe someday, “Get Who Gets You” will become a real dating site, built on the foundation of understanding and shared experiences. Now wouldn’t that be a fascinating twist to this crossword conundrum?


“Get Who Gets You” in crosswords may not lead you to a real dating site, but it opens a door to fascinating possibilities. It represents the evolving way we think about love and connection in the digital age, highlighting the desire for personalized compatibility and understanding. This playful clue serves as a reminder that finding someone who truly “gets you” is the ultimate prize, whether you find them through a dating site or a serendipitous twist of fate. So, keep playing, keep seeking, and never lose sight of that perfect match, whether on a crossword puzzle or in the real world.


Is “Get Who Gets You” a real dating site?

No, it is not a real dating site. It is a fictional clue used in crosswords.

Where has this clue appeared?

It has been found in crosswords published by major newspapers like the LA Times and New York Times.

How do I solve this clue?

Look for keywords like “compatibility,” “dating site,” and “understanding.” Consider wordplay or anagrams, and check for cross-references in the puzzle.

What inspired this clue?

It likely reflects the rise of personalized matchmaking and compatibility-focused dating in the digital age.

Will “Get Who Gets You” ever become a real dating site? Who knows? Perhaps one day a site built on genuine understanding and shared values will take on this playful name.

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